Sucked into the vortex of parenthood – Who am I ?

Hi, I am Cassandra ……

I am you ….. I am a wife, a mother, a woman, a friend, a sister, an aunt …… I am me. By being me I have found my passion and that is what I want to share with you:

I become a mother to my eldest son in 2010. Being a mother is a blessing, there is no doubt about it. I had my second and third boys in the short three years to follow. I am totally in love with them and love my family ( like all mothers do ) but over that time I felt like I was loosing who I was ……. sucked into the vortex of parenthood.

Fletcher and I I used to be a “career woman” and what I mean by that is I loved my job, I loved my industry, worked hard …. I had goals, I reached them, I was rewarded … I got to where I wanted to be.

Then I had my beautiful boys. My previous career was never going to fit. I could not continue to travel, I could not continue to do the required hours. I had to give it away. I tried other positions but never found the right fit. There was no incentive to excel plus I had to be away from my family atleast 3 days per week ( and some nights and some weekends )

In those positions I struggled to “want” to go to work but at the same time found being with my children all day everyday was completely swallowing me up. I needed, no wanted, something for me. Something to sink my teeth into. I looked into opening a small business, maybe even a franchise but the cost was just to high ( especially with one major bread winner at the time ! ).

to work around my family
to have flexibility as to when and where I worked
no micromanagement
to be rewarded and recognized
to be able to reach the TOP
to earn a significant income
to create something special

I know I am not alone. Since my son started school my paths have crossed with women looking for inspiration, excitement, financial contribution and personal achievement as well as being able to be present and available to their family.

If this is you I want to inspire & motivate you …… you can have it “all”

Cass xxx

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