Dream, Believe, Achieve

The necklace I am wearing today reads”Dream, Believe, Achieve” …. when I hear it jingle or I touch it I am reminded of those strong and powerful words.

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Dream – To create a vision so strong that you can not imagine life if you don’t achieve that dream

Believe – Fill your cup until it is overflowing with self belief !! When you believe in you anything is absolutely possible. My favorite mantra is “What you think of me is none of my business”

Achieve – Set a plan and put it in action. Make a daily task list. Organize. I am the mum of three little boys …. organization is key. I can’t and don’t want to work all day … get in get it done, be sharp.

You have got this !! Today everything is possible !!

Cass xxx10649931_1092021757488687_488681562074089931_n

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