Find your passion and you will never work another day in your life ?? What the hell does that mean !!

The catch phrase of this era seems to be “find your passion, build your business/ career around that passion and you will never work another day in your life”I love it …. Actually i loved the idea of it. The only problem was I actually had NO idea what my REAL PASSION was. Sure there were a few things I enjoyed doing but since becoming a parent I think I must have forgotten exactly what EXCITES me. Outside of my family of course. Something for me and only me. In fact if you had given me an entire day to myself back then I would have really had to think about what I wanted to do for me. Interesting isn’t it! and I know I am not the first mum to ever say that. So this entire concept of finding your passion was just a lot of noise …. A sort of pie in the sky type of feeling.

None the less we knew we needed to change our families financial situation. It had nothing to do with chasing a passion but everything to do with a need and only after almost 2 years along on this journey did I have a light bulb moment ( On Sunday night to be exact ) …… you see BK ( Before Kids ) I traveled . A LOT . For work and pleasure … it was a magnificent and I was fortunate to have 15 exciting years. What did I love most about traveling ?? New cultures, other ways of life and the simple act of being able to help. In anyway I could. So how does this relate to now ? Last year I was involved with raising funds for Trek for a Cure to Peru for a client and now friend. This simple act of helping where and when I could was nothing but a selfish pleasure. I just got so much joy. This year another friend is raising fund for Interplast and trekking Kokoda. How fabulous that I have the time, products and services to help her reach that goal. NEXT year my best friend and I have committed to raising funds and traveling to Ethiopia to volunteer our time to help Hamlin Fistula Hospital. Something I have been passionate about since reading the biography of Dr Hamlin.


The joy of helping others and empowering them is my passion. That is what gets me up in the morning. So this is what my journey with Arbonne has led me to I want to help others in any way I can. I am so grateful to have had to time to discover this again.

Change your journey. Joining Arbonne or another venture / change in career may not be your “passion” but it can be an incredible vehicle to help you find your passion. To help free you financially and your time.

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