TED Season opening 2016 – DREAM

TED 1Last night I attended the opening for TED 2016 with two great friends – Val & Dani and had such an inspired night.

Sometimes I miss the news. Sometimes I feel like my brain is not in use and so listening to TED talks on a huge range of subjects I find to be stimulating. The conversations that flow after such interesting talks is captivating !

TED 3The opening of TED 2016 was titled DREAM …… we saw speakers on a range of subject all of which made you think beyond you and who you are and the life you live every day. That I loved. The passion that poured from these speakers was contagious.

My two big takeaways were –

  1. Stop asking children what they want to be when they grow up and start asking them what they want to be right now …. love this ! How often do we wish life away and forget about living in the present. We are the teachers for our younger generation and this is certainly something I will be working on.
  2. Learning that to fail is good. It teaches us, makes us look at solutions in another way. It builds courage and helps us be brave when we are coming up to something we are unsure of. To fail and to try again in another way is to learn. This came from the Moonstruck Factory at Google X . They on purpose try to shut down projects. They go at the hardest problem first instead of wasting time skirting around the edges !

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