A synergistic approach to living a healthy life.

This article published by the Huffington post caught my attention recently and I felt compelled to share it with you. It is rather long and may feel a little overwhelming but please take the time to digest it ….. if nothing else please think of this.

If you put a glove of garlic between your toes, 10 – 15 minutes later you will actually be able to taste it ……. that is the sheer power of our skin and its ability to absorb.

Now think about the chemicals you are loading into your body when you shower, shampoo your hair, put on your makeup etc. Now think about your family and what they are absorbing into their bodies when they bath, put on a body lotion etc.

The very essence of this article is to talk about what chemicals to avoid, where to find them and why you don’t want them in your bloodstream.

I believe healthy living should be to what you put in your body as well as on your body. Switching your personal care products is easy with many products accessible via online, in your local health food store and in some super markets. My preferred, and hence why I am a representative for this company now is Arbonne.Arbonne is lined with the Mayo Clinic, is formulated to European standard, is Vegan certified, Clinically proven, and Dermatologist tested. Products and ingredients are reviewed on a monthly basis to ensure you have the most PURE, SAFE and BENEFICAL products on the market.


Through my website you can browse and learn more. I recommend becoming a member to save 20 – 50 % off products. I am always available for consultation in person or via Skype and can be contacted on cassandratrezise@hotmail.com   .

Article in full : http://www.huffingtonpost.com/deborah-burnes/skin-care_b_1540929.html

Shop the collection : Arbonne – Pure, Safe, Beneficial

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