No one wants to age poorly !!

It is so true that everyone wants to age gracefully but to understand how to slow down the aging process you need to understand WHY we age first. At the Anti-Aging workshop today we discussed the factors behind aging and looked at what we could control. Here is a snippet for you this afternoon.

The skin ages in two ways: biological or intrinsic aging, and environmental. A comprehensive skincare approach addresses both intrinsic and actinic factors. Prevention and protection are critical to maintaining youthful appearance.

Intrinsic aging accounts for 10% of visible signs of aging. Many intrinsic factors are hereditary, with family background and history playing a major role. In general, the darker the skin, the less visible aging will occur. Thicker skin does not show aging as quickly as thinner, more fragile skin.
Actinic aging is caused by external factors such as smoking, excessive alcohol use, poor nutrition, and sun exposure, with 90% of premature facial aging attributed to sun damage. Visible signs of actinic aging include wrinkling, sagging, discolouration, pigmented spots, thin skin, spidery lines, and lack of colour. The appearance of actinic aging can be minimised with proper sun protection and lifestyle changes.Regardless of your age, it’s always important to hydrate, exfoliate and protect your skin to slow the appearance of aging.

So with good nutrition, substantial sun protection and a nourishing skin care regime you can fit the signs of aging and start healing the current damage.  

For more information or to book a anti- aging workshop for you and your friends please email ;

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