How to heal your skin after a sugar binge 

It makes sense that sugar, our worst frenemy, could bring on a breakout. Eating the sweet stuff does quite a number on the whole body: It causes insulin levels to spike and then drop dramatically, it damages the collagen proteins in the body and increases signs of aging, and it also affects hormonal levels, which can lead to the sudden appearance of acne.
So if you have indulged this Easter here are a couple of tips to heal your skin. 

1 . Detox clogged pores 

Of sugar’s many negative effects on skin, one of the worst is dehydration. Dry, dead skin cells can actually clog pores, resulting in pimples around the most affected areas. Clear pores out by steaming – just ten minutes helps to flush out toxins and deeply hydrates. 

2 . Recruit antioxidant power

Buzzy in the nutrition world since the early nineties, these powerful compounds have remained the darling of skin care and wellness experts for a reason—they seriously work. Applied topically, either in a serum or lotion, antioxidants can help diminish the appearance of skin damage—whether it’s from UV rays or a weekend fling with sugar.

3 . Heal with B vitamins

Vitamins B1 and B6, found in foods from beans and bananas to fish and liver, have been proven to inhibit sugar’s negative effects on collagen. Try to get as much of these energy-boosting essential vitamins through whole foods as possible, but know that supplementing your intake with a multivitamin can’t hurt. In fact, if your diet isn’t totally balanced (and let’s be real, who’s perfect when it comes to eating healthy?), it’s worth it to feed your skin a little extra vitamin B.

My Favourite Vitamin B rich supplement

Bottom line: Sugar isn’t great for a glowing complexion, but there’s plenty you can do to repair and revitalize skin if you slip up. 

 Learn more about Vitamin & Antioxidant rich skincare here


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