Essentials for a long haul flight. 

Just in case you have not noticed ( from my 100 previous posts ) I am off to LA in the morning !! 

Eeekkk I am so excited (actually I am torn with emotions between an incredible and inspiring trip with my husband and leaving my little boys for the for long !!) 

With a 13 hour trip ahead of us I had to put my “travel hat” back on !! ( I was in the travel industry for 18 years before my career change ) 

So here are my golden rule for long haul travel : 

1. Wear your most comfortable clothes !! 

Forget fashion and throw on your most comfortable clothes. For gods sake you will be sitting for hours upon hours and you DO NOT want to be “restricted”. If the idea is just to much to take add a statement piece that is fabulous !! 

I give you the sparkling animal print scarf from Seed Heritage !! 


2. Clean your face – immediately !! 

I just know I can not go to the airport without a little makeup on. Let’s be honest there will be farewell photos that will no doubt be posted on Facebook immediately ( watch this space tomorrow ) BUT the moment we take off , I take it off !! My makeup that is. Skin can become so dehydration on an aircraft, especially for that length of time. I am leaving nothing to chance and taking with me my cute little travel size skincare – it is the Calm range – derived from Japanese green tea, cucumber and aloe Vera. Honestly could it be anymore relaxing !! 

3. Sleep 

We arrive at 650 am local one in LA on Friday and ust stay awake until that evening !! So sleep is essential. I have no miracle tablet to take but what I do have is a silk sleep mask. Love them. Oh and did I mention sleeping on silk is great for anti aging !! Win win. 

4. A good read

I am going to savour the sound of silence and enjoy a good read. My favourite author is Lisa Messenger. She embodies everything female entrepreneurs and I just love her. Here is my current read Money & mindfulness but I am on the hunt for her newest title which I hope to lay my hands on at the airport !! 

5. Hydration 

Did you know that the most common health problem to effect airplane  travellers is dehydration. Dehydration is caused by the result of the lack of humidity in cabin air. Instead of reaching for a pre- made high in sugar sports drink to replenish I will be taking a couple of these cute little sachets of goodness. Phytosport – Complete hydration. 

So there it is my tips for your next long haul flight.

Bon voyage 

Cass xxz

 Learn more here

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