Two – week Skin Rehab

“Confession time ! I don’t always take my makeup off before bed” stated Sarah McAlpine in a recent article in Style Magazine. ” I don’t go for regular facials, I don’t always moisturize and I almost never exfoliate. Luckily for me, my skin is pretty much always clear and usually not effected by diet or hormone changes. I have always wondered, however, just what my skin could look like it I actually tried to take care of it.”

Bring on the 14 day challenge !!

” I did all the things you’re “meant” to do” says Sarah. ” I used eye cream and at home masks, I steamed my face, ate well, drank water and got 8 hours sleep a night”

It definitely worked !!

“Friends, co – workers, and my PT all told me that my skin looked much brighter !!

So in a bid to save you time, I’ve chosen my top four fuss – free tips for improving the condition of your skin. ”

  1. Green supplements – adding a green supplement to your diet ( by drinking with water or adding to a smoothie) makes a massive difference not only to your skin but your overall health. Green supplements are vitamins ” supercharged !!”
  2. Double Cleansing – First, I wash my face to remove makeup then I follow up with a second cleanse with the same product to balance out my skin.
  3. Vitamin E cream – Did you know that pollution draws out the naturally occurring vitamin E in your skin , which can cause wrinkles ?? so check that your creams are rich in vitamin E
  4. CC Cream – I swapped my regular foundation for a CC Cream, which goes on really easily and still covers any dis-coloring but also allows my skin to breathe and doesn’t clog pores.

Find the products you need for your 2 week skin rehab here

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