Healthy is the new happy

Healthy is definitely the new happy. A pure, healthy lifestyle is important every stage of our lives. This has become a highly researched and credible fact. That's why we are determined to always find more ways to constantly improve all our nutritional products and create state - of - the - art new ones like …


From Marketing to Health & wellness 

"I was feeling disillusioned. I've always been hardworking and driven. But... there was no room for progression." When Lesley Collins saw a friend building a successful business of her own, her curiosity was sparked. Here's how she learned to navigate the naysayers and build a new career on her lunch breaks.  Read more:

Mindful : 

Maintains a moment by moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment. Conscious or aware of things.  I have been practising mindfulness while brushing my teeth. Sounds strange ?? It is at first but clearing your mind and concentrating on that very moment. Nothing else is incredibly calming and  A practise I …