Find out why everyone is obsessed with these two Healthy Living Products !! By Kenady Nashet

Meet Kenady !!  A self confessed color enthusiast, coffee table book lover & visual stylist! Kenady is fascinated by off-the-chart styling & perfectly symmetrical decor! Nothing makes her more excited then seeing eclectic branding & one of a kind brick & mortars! She is a huge advocate for shopping local & supporting the community she calls home! A few of her favorite things: anything & everything seafoam, strawberry ice-cream especially when topped with extra sprinkles, any Meryl Streep movie, My Domaine blog & all the Domino Magazines!

Kenady’s latest blog on Clean Skin // Clean eating is a fascinate read. I LOVE her take on the two #healthyliving products that people are obsessing about right now !! Here is a snippet :

“I often hear “wow your skin is beautiful” as flattering as that can be, I work extremely hard for it.  Taking care of your skin is the most important thing you can do for your body.  Skin is actually your largest organ and absorbs chemicals, treatment or medicine the fastest.  That being said, read your labels people, eliminate these three things                                                                         1. Mineral oil // petrolium (refined motor oil)                                                                                        2. Parabens (main cause for cancer // preservatives)                                                                           3. Gluten or Sulfates (grain or wheat // salt)                                                                                       and see for yourself what happens.  But let’s take a step back… bad skin actually starts in your gut! WHAT, I know gross but think about it.  Clean eating produces healthy glowing skin.  Below I am talking about my go to products & why they stand above the rest!

Digestion Plus + Fizz Sticks // Pomegranate & Citrus

Digest plus.jpg
  1. Digestion Plus is a pre and pro biotic aimed to kill the bad bacteria and feed the good bacteria in your gut.  This product is amazing and truly life changing.  I have seen chronic diseases go away and food allergies be reduced.  It isn’t a miracle drug you guys, it’s pure botanical ingredients to give you a better life. ( Available in USA )
  2. Fizz Stick… my favorite product on this planet.  Full of B Vitamins, (Inflammation reducing vitamin) this burst of flavor kicks caffeine cravings and boosts your metabolism.  Say adios to your soda addictions and hello to healthy living! “

To read more from Kenady visit her fabulous blog :


 Kenady Nasheret

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