Talking Skin conditions with Naturopath Liezel Barnard

I loved todays podcast by Alexx Stuart from Low Tox Life and her guest naturopath Liezel Barnard which was all about common issue with the skin and what we can do to strengthen our skin on the outside as well as what we can do from the inside and from a general lifestyle perspective. Most skin conditions aren’t a life sentence and there’s a lot we can do to either avoid experiencing them in the first place, OR lessen severity or make it go away! Take a listen : Podcast Show 9

Check your products – especially products that say ‘antibacterial’, toothpastes and hand sanitisers and switch them.

Shop Pure, Safe and Beneficial products by Arbonne here which are free of toxic chemicals includeing Tricolsan.

Tricolsan – “It’s grass roots rallying and brave status quo bucking scientists, that cause the big guys to change – albeit sometimes very, very slowly. Excited to see that the FDA in America is banning the use of triclosan in soaps and reviewing hand sanitisers and hospital products too. We must start to think with precaution. If there are animal studies that illustrate that triclosan can disrupt hormones and most notably thyroid function, is it not better to think: Gee. I wanna wait until there’s a definite ‘safe’ on that before using products with that ingredient in them. Doesn’t it just makes sense to be cautious? Especially when today so many beautiful, natural things are all around us to use and enjoy that don’t have question marks looking over them?”





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