From surviving to thriving event with Dr Libby.

Hello !!

It is always a pleasure to share with you all my constant learning in the world of Beauty & Wellness and last night I had the absolute pleasure of hearing Dr Libby, Internationally Acclaimed Nutritional Biochemist, Author and Speaker at her event “From Surviving to Thriving”and I would like to share with you my key learning in the hope that something might resonate with you and that you to can make little changes along the way.dr-libby

The rate of change that has occurred in the last 50 years of human existence has been incredibly rapid. When you look at the amount of time humans have been in existence and the changes we have made over this time there has been no other time in history that shows such rapid change than now and simply the human body can not cope.

The volumes of synthetic food, chemical exposure in food and on our skin, the stresses in life are detrimental to our health. Our health is not something we should take for granted rather something we should treasure. By understanding the human body and its prime functions, by make small conscious changes we can expect a well functioning body and a well functioning body will lead us to more joy, energy and confidence.

While Dr Libby took great time in explaining much details around the “how” your body works a quick snippet would suggest that our LIVER is key. Our liver is a detoxing machine however when healthy cells are replaced with fatty cells (by eating processed foods, alcohol, caffeine, trans fats, refined sugars and synthetic substances.) The liver can not do its job and that is sending key nutrients to needed parts of the body. Instead it becomes unable to cope with the “workload” and so substances are not broken down and released. Rather released in the toxic form back into the body. Hence not only feeling like you are not operating at your best but also knowing that in this stage we are more susceptible to illness and disease.

What changes can we make :
1. EAT whole real foods – when making food decision ask yourself is this food going to nourish my body ?
2. Take Micro pauses – my health is the result of tiny decisions I make across the day. Is this decision good for my health ? Stress, food, saying yes etc.
3. Supplement – Despite our technological advances, we still owe our entire existence to 30cm of top soil and the fact that it rains. If a nutrient is not in the soil, it can not be in our food. So amp up your supplements BUT ONLY with whole food powders not synthetic supplements.
4. Create an attitude of gratitude instead of expectation.

While the seminar had so much more I hope this has given you a snippet. Here is the link to Dr Libby’s website and access to some of her incredible books. I have just ordered Women’s Wellness Wisdom ( in Audio 😉 ). I would love to hear what you think. Cass xxx libby .jpg

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