Spring is here – MUST SHAVE MY LEGS !!!

Kenady NasheretRemember Kenady ?? Well she is back with some super tips for smooth legs this Spring.

Shave gel.jpgLady’s this product isn’t just for your significant other! This product is safe for face and body, eliminating chemicals, dyes, fragrances and alcohol.  Did you know that most shaving creams are full of alcohol and fragrances… what good does it do to have smooth legs if they will soon just be dried out by your shave cream.  Make the switch… I promise you this RE9 Shave Cream won’t disappoint.

Seasource lotion

Say goodbye to flakey skin & dry legs when you use Seasource Re-Mineralizing Lotion! Just like your shaving cream a lot of lotions have alcohol and fragrances in them, allowing chemicals to sink into your skin.  Since your skin is the largest organ lotion is one thing to be very strict with.  Remember those 3 – Petroleum, Parabens,  Sulfates… it is a MUST to eliminate those from your lotions if anything.

And remember to save 20 % as a Preferred Client register before you check out.

Read more from Kenady – http://www.kenadynashert.com/

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