Coffee with Cass // People I admire – Danielle Bachinger


Hump day can be a hard day and so it is my desire to bring you a little inspiration every Wednesday morning. It might be an interview with someone I admire, a book review or even a quote. I hope this lifts you to move forward with optimism and a positive attitude. Cass xxx

Coffee with Cass // People I admire


With a background as an artist and as an IT software trainer, Danielle has combined her love of art with her technical training skills and developed her Be your own photographer course and brand. Aware that people are time-poor these days, Dani has been able to identify which information is most worthwhile and has condensed weeks worth of learning into a 3 hour workshop to teach you how to capture extraordinary images on your Iphone – welcome to the digital world !!

So Danielle we want to know more about you, what makes you tick and what inspires you!!

How would you describe yourself in 5 words ?

Inquisitive, Friendly, Empathetic, Fun, Artistic

What is your favorite destination in the world and why?

Thailand, because it’s got everything. Shopping, beaches, bars, cocktails, great day tours and head & shoulder massages on the beach!

I love color and am curious as to what color draws you in and why ?? 

Coral, because I feel fresh when I wear it and it makes me think of Summer!

What does home life look like for you ?

As a mother of two children, (7 & 8yrs), life is just getting easier and easier. The kids are getting more independent and life is becoming increasingly more sociable with the more sports they take on. In a nutshell, life is FUN at the moment!

Tell us about your favorite space in your home and why?

My lounge room! I’ve designed it to be the poor woman’s version of the Hamptons. I have the white lounge, rattan rug, and stunning blue & white lamps. Green plants and original paintings compliment the room. It feels very bright & airy, spacious & relaxing, yet probably the most sophisticated area of my home.

What are you currently working on ??

Created a business called ‘Be your own photographer’, running workshops in iPhone Photography.

On location with students.jpg

How did you get to where you are today ? What was the journey for you?

Life took a complete twist for me about a year ago. After forming a group with some like minded women, (which saw us meet weekly to discuss entrepreneurial related topics), I started by discussing a possible talk show I wanted to create, only to do a complete 360 and ended up starting an iPhone Photography Business instead.

Are you doing what you thought you would be doing 10 years ago?

Definitely not, although the part where I am a trainer doesn’t surprise me. As a kid, I toyed with the idea of becoming a teacher one day…so that part is similar.

What do you hope to achieve ?

I’m fortunate to get to see the students’ work long after they finish the course, thanks to FB and IG, and seeing their continued portfolio of new photos following the course is so rewarding!

What is your next project ?

At the moment I run beginner workshops, teaching people how to take incredible photos using only their iPhone. My next plan is to introduce a second workshop, teaching people how to create beautiful videos, also using only their iPhone.

What has been your most rewarding thing in your career to date ?

Can I list two things?! First would be starting my very own business for the first time (Be your own photographer). The second thing was when I was the Co-Exec Producer and Presenter of a TV talk show (Her Untold Story).

Who are some women / men in business you admire and why ?

Richard Branson (needs no explanation), Daniel Flynn (Co-Founder of ‘Thankyou’) for daring to be different in business and care about humanitarian issues, and Lorna Jane, for building her business from the ground up and living her life authentically.

Leave us with advise you would give to your 21 year old self !!

Appreciate your health (and youth), eat well, and believe in yourself! Face your fears head on, because it will mean you are continuing to grow and achieve so much! Playing it safe equals boredom. And lastly, don’t do the ‘shoulds’. Do the ‘desires’.



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