What is the matter with your sunscreen??


Spring is here which means you need to make sure you and your family are protected from the harsh rays of the sun! Did you know there are many sunscreens on the market which contain nasty chemicals. Don’t you just love the idea of being able to protect your skin from the sun naturally? Here is what I have learnt for doing just that!


Did you know that there are two styles of sunscreen on the market, chemical and natural ?!

The biggest difference between chemical and natural sunscreens is that chemical-based sunscreens ( which are the majority on the market ) use chemicals to protect your skin against the sun and natural sunscreens use minerals. Instead of absorbing the suns rays like chemical sunscreens, natural ones reflect the light away from your skin like a mirror.

As we know chemical sunscreens don’t sit on the surface of the skin – they soak into it and quickly find their way into the bloodstream. They scatter all over the body without being detoxified by the liver and can be detected in blood, urine, and breast milk for up to two days after a single application. That would be just fine if they were uniformly safe – but they’re not.

“9 of the 15 chemical sunscreens are considered endocrine disruptors. Those are chemicals that interfere with the normal function of hormones. The hormones most commonly disturbed are estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and thyroid. Endocrine disruptors, like some ingredients in chemical sunscreens, can cause abnormal development of fetuses and growing children. They cause early puberty and premature breast development in girls, and small and undescended testicles in boys. They cause low sperm counts and infertility. Endocrine disruptors that act like estrogen can contribute to the development of breast and ovarian cancers in women, and other endocrine disruptors may increase the chance of prostate cancer in men.”- Dr A Perry – MD. Indeed there is more to learn should you wish to inform yourself.

Natural Suncreens – Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are rocks that are ground down to a fine consistency. They do a great job at blocking both UVA and UVB light. Quality Zinc Oxide products can be whitening and thick and while many people don’t necessarily like the consistency it is a by product of this type of safer sunscreen. Mineral sunscreen also needs to be applied more frequently, which stands to reason as it sits on top of the skin and is open to the elements.

Arbonne is my families choice of Zinc Oxide sunscreen. It is easily accessible via online shopping. Reasonable in price ( especially if you are a member ) and incredibly effective. Arbonne offers ABC Sunscreen for infants and toddlers ( I use this on my three boys 6,5 and 3) as well as their Sunshine Range which is perfect for the entire family.

Most importantly remember to be sun safe. Slip. Slop. Slap. Cass xxx


Resources – Sarah Wilson, I quit Sugar – Arbonne International – Nourished Life – Environmental Working Group – Arthur W. Perry, MD, FACS Dr. Perry is a board certified plastic surgeon, an Adjunct Associate Professor at Columbia University, and a member of the Medical Advisory Board for The Dr. Oz Show.

Please note this is a sponsored post by Cassandra Trezise for Arbonne International.

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