Packing meals for the starving.



Before having my kids I traveled a lot. I was very lucky to work in the travel industry for almost 20 years and so grateful to visit many different countries in our world including some of the worlds poorest nations.There is no doubt that seeing fellow humans in danger or starving to death or simply not having any clean water effects us all in some way. For some people the heartbreak and sheer scale of these issues seem to big and we can often fall into the trap of thinking “well whatever I do will not make a difference anyway”. I guess you could say that I thought about how I would make a difference, I made big statements about how “unfair” life can be and I genuinely wanted to do something to help BUT life got the better of me and I became preoccupied with “doing” my life and those notions were sidelined. The funny thing is that those memories and feeling have always stayed with me and I knew one day I would have the chance to contribute.

After a “rejig” in the way we were “doing” life, I had unconsciously found myself in a position were I could help. Maybe not financially but I now have the time and resources through my business to start contributing. It is an amazing feeling to be able to “help” and I live my life looking for who I can assist in many different aspects of life.

On Friday afternoon I joined a tribe of 300 volunteers in Brisbane for a 2 hour food packing event for Zambrero’s Plate 4 plate initiative. This amazing company donates a meal to those in need when you purchase a burrito or bowl from any of their outlets !! How amazing is that !! Mexican with a mission. So once a year all over Australia in conjunction with STOP HUNGER NOW they call for volunteers to help them package up these meals. In Brisbane alone the 300 volunteers packed an incredible 70,000 meals. In all of Australia that day we packaged 353,376 meals. The meals packed will provide daily lunches for 2,250 children in 75 kindergartens and home-based feeding programs suffering from malnutrition in the Philippines. Talk about being able to make a difference !!

So for everyone who wanted to know how they can help next year go to Zambrero’s plate 4 plate website.

What truly amazing organizations. I have been delighted to pack with them for the last 2 years and look forward to seeing so many of you there in 2017. Cass xxx

A special thank you to Marianne and team from Loud Events for not only running a flawless event every time but for introducing me to this amazing cause.


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