Coffee with Cass // People I admire – Samantha Fletcher


Hump day can be a hard day and so it is my desire to bring you a little inspiration every Wednesday morning. It might be an interview with someone I admire, a book review or even a quote. I hope this lifts you to move forward with optimism and a positive attitude. Cass xxx

Coffee with Cass // People I admire


With over 20 years experience in TV and production and a deep curiosity of self made entrepreneurs, Samantha and her husband Lachy decided to chase a dream and shoot a documentary series based around Australian Entrepreneurs making it in the big apple !! With the pilot scheduled to be shot THIS WEEK, I am so excited and delighted to share with you their incredible story to date !!

So Sam we want to know more about you, what makes you tick and what inspires you!!

How would you describe yourself in 5 words ?

Friendly, courageous, curious, happy and caring. 

What is your favorite destination in the world and why ?

Hands Down NYC – I love the buzz and humm of the city – it really is the city of making dreams come true.

I love color and am curious as to what color draws you in and why ?? 

White – I know it’s not a colour – but its my favourite…. – it makes me feel calm and it’s fresh and clean

What does home life look like for you ?

Wife to Lachy and Mumma to three Children Harry (11) Charlie (8) Lily (7) and fur baby Benji (3). We have a video production company (Studio 18a) and Lachy is often away filming interstate or overseas… I work around our family life of school pick up and drop offs. We live in a lovely Northside suburb of Brisbane.


Tell us about your favorite space in your home and why ?

I have two…. my office – I love love love my office – it’s tiny and so bright. The other is our formal lounge (I know that sounds fancy – which we are not) but it is a new room for us and it has no TV and kids MUST be calm or we boot them out ; ) It is a place where we sit and talk and it extends to our dining room and I love having a meal with my family and talking.


We also want to know what you are working on ??

How did you get to where you are today ? What was the journey for you ?

Short version is… I fell into working in TV and worked for Channel 9 and Foxtel and NBC (in London) for over 10 years. We started our company Studio 18a – 10 years ago and initially started filming weddings…we are now a corporate video production company and moving towards documentary making.

Are you doing what you thought you would be doing 10 years ago ?

Ahhh NO….

What is your next project ?

I’m currently working on a documentary series about Australian Entrepreneurs – we arefilming a pilot for the series in NYC at the end of October !!

What do you hope to achieve with this project ?

I hope to film a kick ass interesting episode of our series and pitch it to find a home for the series and funding.


What has been your most rewarding thing in your career to date ?

Persevering history…. I think it is truly a gift to be able to film someones wedding and give it to them to keep forever. A wedding film / photos only get better with age…. I would do anything to see a wedding film of my grandparents wedding…. who wouldn’t.

Who are some women / men in business you admire and why ?

This one changes for me all the time… I currently have a girl crush on Sophia Amoruso – she is one sassy lady.Also, Brene Brown, Samantha Wills, Emma Isaacs and Cj Hendry.

Leave us with advise you would give to your 21 year old self !!

Stop rushing and stop worrying so much… slow DOWN! Save a little money for a rainy day.


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