5 minute miracle face for busy mums !! 

Mums, we have very little time to get ready in the mornings that’s for sure. Add to that the constant needs and questions for all in the family and it makes it nearly impossible. 

But we still have to step out into the world and I don’t know about you but I like to feel good and walk with a spring in my step.  For me my 5 minute miracle face is quick easy and super effective for a glowing complexion. So here it is. Just 6 little products and 5 minutes of your time. 

Step 1 – Primer – every day !! Not only does it protect your gorgeous skin from makeup but it keeps your makeup on all day ( and night ) which is fabulous because let’s face it we don’t get time to apply let alone reapply !! Another genius reason to use a primer is that it does not allow the colour of your foundation to get into the “fine lines”. Because that is certainly something we do not want to enhance !! 

Step 2 – Liquid foundation – allows for great coverage evening out blotchy skin. A foundation with optilight technology reflects the light giving  you a glow without looking “oily”. Don’t forget to select a foundation with SPF. We know that sun it a major cause of premature ageing. 

Step 3 – Blush – add colour back to your face in the right area giving you depth and a healthy youthful glow. We are not a ghost. 

Step 4 – Highlighters – available in liquid or stick add a sheer reflection to the top of your cheek bones. This will give the illusion of a higher cheek bone. Even if you add this one step to your current routine you will find this subtle reflection makes a huge overall difference. 

Step 5 – Mascara – black is best and a mascara that does not clump and adds length is the goal. Try to use a water reimsistant mascara not water proof. Water proof get a little clunky. Replace your mascara every 6 months to avoid baterial in the eyes.

Step 6 – LIPS – add your favourite lipstick or lip gloss and don’t be afraid to choose colour especially now we are in spring !! The season for colour !! 

So there you have it a 5 minute miracle face for mums to leave you feeling radiant and confident. 

Need to update your makeup bag ?? I use Arbonne. The products are incredible quality but also Vegan, Toxic free and always available online. 

Shop the collection here and don’t forget to log in with these details for a 20 % discount exclusive to Cassandra Trezise followers. 

ID – 614009808 

Password – Welcome20% 
Cass xxx 

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