Awaken !

I live for a morning shower. The simple pleasure of warm water running all over my body in peace and quiet ( NO KIDS ! ) is just like heaven. I indulge in the smells of my body wash. The lemon essential oils for vitality and coriander for happiness is the perfect way to start my day. This routine for me creates a positive, vibrant and energetic mindset.

I live in great reassurance that the wash I am using contains no nasties and has a key botanical base. I shiver at the thought of my body being covered in hormone disrupting chemicals and would not like to start my day that way.

The body wash I am using is called Aromassentials Awaken it is gentle as it cleans my body and does not make me feel dry after. I guess that is the result of Aloe Vera, Purple orchid and Kukui seed oil. This wash is suitable for all skin types and is also Gluten free.

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