Natural Beauty – Liquid Foundations

I am  a big fan of liquid foundations. I have always preferred a liquid format and have used many foundations over my years. My goal would always be to reflect an even skin tone and diminish blemishes however I have struggled in the past with finding the right balance between coverage and trying to avoid the feeling of HEAVY makeup or even looking “CAKED ON”.

I am also a mother and want to be able to apply it quickly and easily. I need a foundation for work days but also light enough to wear to the park with my kids. I live in QLD where the humidity is incredible in the summer and in the past I have found foundations would literally melt off my face and I would touch up throughout the day.

When I first used Eco-Luxe brand Arbonne’s liquid foundation I was actually pleasantly surprised. Being a toxic free, botanical based product I doubted that it would be effective. The truth is this foundation is incredible. It feels like satin when you apply it and literally lasts all day.

This is me today !! It is 32 degrees with 65% humidity at 1 pm.  I have been out all morning with the boys ( no air conditioning at all ) and YES the makeup is still there !!

Arbonne uses the following key ingredients :

• Polypeptides contain skin-conditioning amino acids
• Ribose helps diminish the appearance of wrinkles and promotes skin’s natural radiance by delivering moisture
• White tea extract contains antioxidant properties
• Alaria esculenta extract helps enhance the skin’s moisture barrier
• Key botanicals:
■ Buddleja davidii extract conditions skin and
contains antioxidant properties
■ Marrubium vulgare extract conditions
and soothes


Curious ?? Arbonne now has liquid foundation samples that are sent directly to your door. Leave a comment below or email me for your samples now. Enjoy. Cass xxx



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