Brush up

From lip brushes to beauty sponges, Hannah from Style Magazine finds out which bristles go where.

Foundation Brush

Available in flat or round varieties, these are used for smooth, easy application of liquid foundation. TIP : Use the round brushes in a swirling motion and the flat brushes in a painting motion ( but be careful to avoid streaks! ).

Lip Brush

Most of us ignore lip brushes completely and just apply straight from the lipstick tube because it is easier and quicker. If you have the patience for a lip brush, the tapered bristles will give you better precision while using far less product. PLUS , a thin layer with a lip brush has more staying power than a thick swipe on the go.

Beauty Sponge

This little one has quickly acquired a cult following. Once you master the dab/bounce motion, you’ll be able to enjoy flawless application of primer, foundation, concealer and liquid highlighter.

Crease eye shadow brush

Use this brush to lightly dust eye shadow along the crease of he eyelid, and blend colors to avoid harsh lines.

Powder brush

Apply your powder makeup with this big, fluffy brush. Keep your motions soft and circular or sweeping to get that even coverage. TIP : Remember to always tap off the excess powder before each application.

Blush brush

Lightly tapered, the shape of this brush allows it to flow along cheekbones for gorgeous shading and highlighting. Squeezing the brush into a thinner shape will gave your contouring needs sorted !

Concealer brush

The small brush is ideal for concealing dark circles under the eyes. It allows you to apply and blend at the same time and its small size is perfect for those hard to each areas around the face.


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