Choose to Shine – Danielle Laporte 

A big shot out to Becomingness for gifting me with a ticket to see Danielle LaPorte this week while she was on her Australia tour. 

Here is my #truthbombs from the evening. 

Firstly I knew very little about Danielle except for the fact that she was highly spiritual, entertaining and will throw at you some #truthbombs. I was fascinated , love trying new things and was completely open to what she has to say. 

As you would expect a there was a huge range of people but predominately Middle Aged “hippie” type. They all flocked to the Merch table for some self help books. I wonder if they will read them ? I wonder if like me they love the idea but find it hard to digest. Or is it to have on the coffee table as a statement to visitors. First step buy a book ?

And yet I am drawn and attracted to these people. I am drawn to the reflection of so many people looking for an opportunity to create change in their lives. To be a part of a changed world. Knowing that every small act counts and that they are doing their bit. That perhaps they had tried many things before but were willing to continue on that path. To absorb more information. A better version of you. 

The event was entertaining. Being sponsored by the Wake up project and opening with Clare Bowditch was a brilliant start. Then came on Danielle. I will admit to you I struggled to follow her from time to time. She was talking a “new age healing” language I did not understand. I really did not know if I was meant to be in the room or not. However I stayed and I am glad I did. I was there to hear a message this is what I heard and my takeaway.  

3 Porkies we tell ourselves  – Danielle Laporte. 
1. Lie of inadequacy / flaws / self hate 
2. Lie of authority – someone outside of you knows what’s best for you ?

3. Lie of affiliation / group think / be as cool as possible 
And that was enough for me to reflect on. I believe in trying something new. I believe in stepping outside of your comfort zone and I believe in being open because when you are you hear messages that were meant for you. 
May your beauty dawn on you. 
Cass xx 

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