GROSS 😝 I’m an evidence girl and this is some GREAT evidence of why people “think” they have oily skin or why they feel their makeup melts off their face…. 
If that’s you, you probably don’t have oily skin! You probably USE OILY PRODUCTS! 😝
Vast majority of products that are sold here in the US have various oils such as animal “oils” (animal byproducts) AND mineral oil (petroleum) in them.
Mineral oil is derived from petroleum, which is derived from crude oil. The other thing derived from petroleum is gasoline. (YUCK!) (And just google the animal derivatives in cosmetics if you dare 😳 and while you are at it google the affects of parabens….make sure you are using SAFE products!)
Good News is that there is NO need to have these in your products. Check out the comparison of these liquid foundations in the below pictured. All Arbonne makeup is free of chemical preservatives, has NO mineral oil, and no pieces and parts of animals! 🌱🌱

#arbonne #pure #safe #vegan 

#veganmakup #saynotomineraloil
Thanks Courtney Menefee Appel and Caroline Reed for this!!! Amazing illustration !!

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