More than a banana on your face – natural skincare

Trying to find an effective skincare routine is that much harder when you need it to be vegan, 100% cruelty free and toxic free ….. I found it when I found heritage brand Arbonne – est 1980.

Marissa Bronfman from Toronto also recently connected with us …. here is what she has to say :

“The RE9 cleanser is giving me that super fresh clean feeling without drying out my skin. It has Sea Buckthorn Oil, which I’ve recently learned is amazing. You can also take Sea Buckthorn oil orally ( see your pharmacy or naturopath ) and mix a little into my rejuvenation cream.

The Genius Nightly resurfacing pads are smoothing things out and the spot treatment actually works AND I’m sleeping soundly because nothing was tested on animals !”


Shop the collection :…/store/AMAU/c…/RE9-Advanced,628.aspx

Arbonne RE9 Marissa.jpg

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