Love Living Life

BEAUTIFUL !!! Thank you for sharing Megan xx

Megan Winders

I am so very blessed to be living my life exactly how I wish, everyday!

That statement at one time, actually several times in my life would have seemed absolutely impossible. I felt like I would never, could never get off the, ‘I have to’,  and, ‘it’s so bloody hard everyday’ cycle. I, like many have seen rock bottom more times than I care to remember, however  I regret not a one! Crazy? No, not at all, as it’s made me who I am today. I am a humble, feet firmly on the ground kinda girl, and I hope that I’m known to be kind and giving. It also gave me the courage to look at a brand new way to do life, and that I am so grateful for, as it has allowed me to write the opening sentence!

Because I made a choice and said yes, I have…

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