Last night was cold !!

Last night was cold ( well cold for Brisbane ), it was Tuesday , I was exhausted from a huge day and I could have easily curled up on the coach under a blanket with a hot tea and stayed in BUT I did not. I got up, got dressed and headed out the door to our Discover Arbonne event …. Why ?? Because this business & brand changes lives. Everyday people join our heritage brand as they know they want to get off the wheel, to actually start dreaming again. What do you want in life ?? When was the last time you stopped & spent time thinking about that ?? So was it worth getting off the couch ?? Hell yes !! Here is my question for you today. If you keep doing what you have been doing for the next 5 years where will you be ?? Are you ok with that ?? Maybe it is time to reach out to me and start asking the questions – why are so many people starting a social marketing business today ?? #abetterway #socialmarketing


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