The value of women ? 

Beautiful friend & Fellow business owner Rachel shared this article with me recently. 
I ❤️ the discussion promoted by articles like this! Raises so many questions about how to better value an individuals effort & productivity versus the number of hours spent at a desk. 
We all know women who have taken lower paid roles to strike a work-life balance. Is happiness short lived if you’re not mentally challenged or if your skills & experience are undervalued for too long? What is your experience? 
More men are looking for their version of work-life balance too. Are you one of them? 
As the economy shifts towards more project-based employment, questions arise about how to maintain long-term income stability & certainty?
Some businesses are changing the game and offer an opportunity to create a corporate income while time leveraging. Who wants more time to enjoy the important things in life? 
Please share your views here. We need to have more of these conversations. 
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Sydney morning Herald article.

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