Helping mums return to work – Desmore Media

Recently Desmore Media did a series on helping mum return to work. Desmore realized the challenges facing women who wish to return to work after taking time out to raise their families and wanted to be able to bring professionals from all areas of business in to discuss topics with the view of assisting these women.

I was invited in as a guest to talk about the mumapreneur movement. With so many women looking to start their own business, as a way of returning to the work force, we wanted to shed the light on what that really looks like and how to be successful. I hope you enjoy and that it serves you on your journey. Cass xx

For more in this series visit:

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The Desmore Chats With Podcast aims to uplift, educate and entertain the audience. The interviews and topics featured will help brighten up your day and help you feel good. Desmore’s vibrant personality and conversational chats will have you smiling and feeling uplifted. Whether it’s lifestyle, business, wellbeing or all round feel good topics, Desmore has got it covered! So make a cup of tea, relax and listen to The Desmore Chats With Podcast, created and hosted by Desmore founder Desmore Samios.


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