Is it a diet or a way of life ??

I believe that knowledge is power and in the pursuit of a healthy body & mind it is vital to understand what you are putting in your body and why. Many friends & family may see me drinking a protein shake for breakfast and think that I am on some crazy diet. That could not be further from the truth. I choose this as a way of life. As fuel for my body and the best & most time efficient way I can start the day. Below is an article from Mind, Body, Green explaining what protein is and why it is vital in body function.

"Protein is behind all of our major bodily functions and is used every single day to keep the body going. It is most well-known and referred to in the context of growth and tissue/muscle repair, for those individuals who are very physically active at the gym or have undergone surgery.
However, it is also the backbone behind our skin, hair, our digestive enzymes, hormones, our neurotransmitters and our antibodies (which play a key role in our immunity). Protein is even a valuable part of making hemoglobin, the part of our red blood cells that brings oxygen all around the body. We also obtain vitamins and minerals from protein, such as those B vitamins that are essential for energy production. Once food is taken, protein is broken back down into amino acids, where they enter the bloodstream and eventually settle into tissues and fluids. When needed, we can reach back into our tissues and fluids into the stores to get the amino acids as they are needed. To make sure the supply of amino acids is steady and available, we must consume protein daily."

For the full article click here Mind body green

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