Winter Beauty loves

So winter has really kicked in here in the southern hemisphere and with that comes short days, cold mornings and the August winds. ALL of which can make us dry and NO ONE likes dry flaky skin. It looks a hot ( not so ) mess !! So avoid this beauty blunder with my Winter beauty loves.
Genius Ultra – a beauty device to pair with your current skincare routine to enhance to benefits of your moisturizer & serum. It is an applicator using ultrasound waves and heat which is like heaven to use in the cooler months. This is the absolute number 1 thing to concentrate on in this weather – EXTRA hydration and barrier protection.
Intelligence Facial Oil – Still need a BOOST ?? add a luxurious facial oil into your routine. Oils are so incredibly diverse especially if you have a sheer dry oil. Add it to your moisturizer, add it to your foundation, or wear it on its own day or night. A sheer dry oil formula enhanced with ingredients that contain omega fatty acids 3 and 6 and a super antioxidant helps support luminous skin beauty. Like a superfood for your skin, this illuminating oil provides just the right amount of superior hydration and moisture where it’s needed most.
Makeup Primer – Once your skin is hydrated go ahead and pop on your makeup but be sure to use a makeup primer. This will help your makeup stick in the wet and windy weather. Hot tip – avoid a Silicon based primer, this will clog your pores and cause all sorts of issues.
Sheer glow highlighter – Get your glow on and radiant – a highlighter is a brilliant tool to use to illuminate your look and detract from any dry spots.
Shea butter hand cream – Hands really do take a beating in the winter weather. The cracking & rough hands are not only unsightly but can actually HURT ! Hydrate with a gorgeous and powerful natural ingredient, shea butter.
Smoothed over lipstick in Lotus- the perfect winter colour. Don’t skip the lips !! Dry cracked lips under a drying lipstick is never a good look. Make the switch to a lipstick with a natural butter that will not dry out your lips.
Eye brow gel – stick those bad boys in place. No one like wayward brows !!
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winter beauty

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