Beauty Detox

Are you aware that women use up to 12 cosmetic products a day? According to The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, “each product contains a dozen or more chemicals, and less than 20 percent of chemicals in cosmetics have been assessed for safety by the industry safety panel.”
The epidermis is the largest organ of the body. Up to 60 percent of what we apply to our body is absorbed. That's why it's important to know what we are putting on our bodies, as well as in them.
When it comes to makeup, here are a handful of ways to ensure your safest face:
1. Start with your skincare. Each morning and night, cleanse your face. Wash. Tone. Moisturize. Having an immaculately clean face is the key to a flawless makeup.
2. Revamp your makeup bag. Start by buying all natural makeup. That means saying no to parabens, synthetic fillers, polyethelene glycols (otherwise known as PEG’s), nanoparticles and silicones.

3. Throw out your old makeup! Never keep it longer than 12 months. A good way to check how long your tube of goop is good for is to look for a ‘6M’ or ‘12M’ in the tiny print on the bottom of the packaging. Thou shalt not buy Toxic chemicals again.

4. Reduce, reuse and recycle your makeup packaging. Most natural makeup lines have recyclable, sustainable, or biodegradable packaging.

A great way to start is by implementing eco beauty as a lifestyle and not a trend.
If you are researching a new makeup or skincare line, a good guide to follow is checking the company’s commitment/philosophy page.

Resources – Mind. Body. Green.

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