Lifestyle Therapy review

Love reading an unexpected review of our stunning pure products for children. Thank you to Lifestyle Therapy for their honest opinion.

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Arbonne Baby Care Hair and Body Wash:
This bottle goes a long way! You definitely don’t need very much to get a good lather for baby/toddler hair. It’s very lightly scented by natural plant extracts and essential oils (meaning no synthetic, chemical-ridden fragrances) and it’s extremely mild. The formula is tear-free and didn’t bother my newborn or toddler’s very sensitive skin. I noticed that my newborn’s cradle cap even seemed to get a little better after a few uses.


Arbonne Baby Care Sunscreen:
Ok, being a fair skinned northerner living in Texas with my EVEN MORE FAIR outdoorsy two year old, I am hyper-concerned with sun safety. I really loved this product because it’s mineral-based (zinc oxide) and it’s actually really moisturizing. Lily has a tendency to get heat-activated eczema and this product seemed to moisturize her skin enough that she didn’t flare up! I love that it smooths on easily (because let’s be honest, putting sunscreen on a two year old is THE WORST! How do they even make themselves so limp?!), it doesn’t have a scent, and it didn’t leave us feeling greasy and looking uber-shiny like some zinc oxide sunscreens. I definitely recommend this product especially if you are in a super sunny place like Texas!


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With more and more mums becoming concerned about the safety of the food they are putting in their childrens bodies and the products they are putting on their skin we are seeking easy alternative but pure and safe products. Arbonne is a heritage brand that has been producing pure products for over 37 years. We spread the word via Social Marketing and invite you to join us as an ambassador and business partners.

Pure Joy

Cass xx

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