India Hicks – Style Icon

“India Hicks is a walking style icon. A former model and a cousin of Prince Charles, she has written three books on home design, inspired by her life in the Bahamas. But she’s no idle socialite: In 2015, the mom of five launched India Hicks, Inc., a line of fragrances, accessories and jewelry sold by women ambassadors and on her site,

Her goal: To bring luxury to the mass market while inspiring women to be their own bosses. “I saw all these savvy forgotten businesswomen in their 40s to 60s,” says India. “I wanted to give them an opportunity to do something for themselves.” They meet quarterly to share successes, analyze failures and cheer one another on. “As women age, their confidence might get knocked,” says India. “We’re here for one another.” “

This business model of Social Marketing enables women to be their own boss and to shine like never before.
I absolutely love this business model and love even more that it is available to all. Find your tribe and get started. I found my tribe with luxury natural wellness & beauty brand Arbonne. Cass Xx #dreambig

Read more about the 2017 Awesome women awards here 

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Pure Joy 

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