Mind your mind and beautiful things will manifest

Who else absolutely LOVES Melissa Amborosini , best selling author of MASTERING YOUR MEAN GIRL ?? ME !! I Do !! I love this story on the power of your mind that she recently shared !!

“I had a client once who used to always say she couldn’t afford things — from little stuff, like the occasional green juice at her local organic cafe, right through to big stuff like the overseas trip she’d been dreaming of for years. You can probably guess exactly what happened: despite having a good job and a decent income, she manifested precisely what she kept on saying, and was never able to afford what she desired.

I had another client who always complained that she could never lose weight… and of course, that was exactly what she manifested — despite all her good intentions to move and eat well.

Another client repeatedly told me that she wasn’t smart enough and didn’t have the funds to start her dream business… and as a result, that became her reality, and she’s still never managed to get her dream biz off the ground.

And then there was Sarah, another one of my beautiful clients, who used to constantly talk about how tired she was and stressful her job was, then could never understand why she never experienced vitality.

Can you spot the pattern here?

It’s easy to identify this kind of negative ‘manifesting mojo’ in others, but it can be a lot harder to see it in ourselves. Yet the reality is, if you’re not living the life of your dreams, there are areas of your life where you are creating it.

You see, we are manifesting our life moment to moment. It’s an undeniable and unavoidable law of the Universe. Every word you speak AND every thought you think is an intention you are putting out into the cosmos. And guess what? The Universe has ears and it’s ALWAYS listening… constantly and intently!!

So beautiful, it’s time to do a little stock-take on what you are putting out there. Because I want you to live your best life. I want you to be wildly wealthy, fabulously healthy, and bursting with love. And in order for you to do that, you must master that Mean Girl voice inside your head. What limiting belief are you ready to get rid of? Share with me in the comment below and tag a bestie who needs to see this 💖#masteringyourmeangirl ” 

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