Dream, Build & Create your own workplace.

me.jpgOften I speak with women, mums actually, who, now their children are in school, are considering diving back into the workforce. For a number of different reasons. Some for finance. Some for independence. Some for personal empowerment and some simply for connection & friendship.
More often than not though I am finding these incredible women feel less than qualified in this “new world” and after years of raising incredible little human beings they are scared they don’t have anything to offer a work place anymore.

The thing is women are incredible, beyond their own personal belief. The have so much to offer.

The question really should be can a workplace offer me what I need and want ?? Can it be flexible ?? Can it offer connection & companionship or will it be toxic and competitive ?? And so many more questions.

We are so lucky in this day and age that so many of these spectacular, capable women ( I am talking to you !! ) are thinking bigger, looking further and often choosing to forge their own paths and create the workplace they desire themselves !!

My passion is to offer women exactly that. A vehicle to design, build and create their own journey. Creating an uber successful online business in the green beauty & wellness industry.

Please join me on Thursday 14th September at 10 am to satisfy your curiosity and discover if this might be the path for you.

This is a free event however your RSVP and commitment is appreciated.

Regards. Cassandra – Dream Big

Register here :


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