Do you need to wash makeup brushes ??

The fact of the matter is, like flossing, working out, and all the other boring but very important things in life, cleaning our makeup tools is something we need to get serious about. No doubt you’ve heard how important keeping your brushes clean is. How dirty brushes can keep your makeup from going on smoothly, how pore-clogging dirt and oil accumulate on them and get spread back onto your skin, how bacteria and fungi build up and can lead to acne, pink eye, and even staph infections. You know you need to clean your brushes, but it’s always such a hassle. Right ?

The truth is it is not hard. It does not take a lot of time and if you have quality synthetic brushes they will not deteriorate . So lets get to it !!



I have found that a gentle shampoo or natural hand soap / body wash will be all you need. Don’t soak your brushes rather wet the bristles only under running warm water. Add a little soap and run them back and forth across your hand. If you have not washed your brushes in a while repeat this 3 times ( and see all the makeup literally wash out ) . Rinse well and lie flat to dry in the filtered sun on your window sill.



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