Gut Health – What I learnt last week & a simple recipe with Kirsty from Kultured Wellness

I am entirely fascinated with our bodies and the way they work. I, as I am sure you have, have heard much about gut health being a key element to a “well oiled machine” but the truth is I actually did not get it ….. it felt a little complicated & overwhelming PLUS I hated the idea of fermented foods !!  ……. So I was very keen & delighted to be invited to hear Kirsty from Kultured Wellness speak . To finally get the low down on gut health and the ever growing fermented foods conversation.

kirsty lisa cass.jpg

Firstly I must tell you I was invited by the amazing couple behind bringing Neurofit Systems to Australia, Justin & Marietta, to hear Kirsty speak. Justin & Marietta have a huge passion for alternative treatments, health & wellness and are nothing short of admirable. As with Kirsty their journey started with needing to & desperately wanting to help their child. Visiting Neurofit Systems in America with their eldest daughter had a profound effect on her health & processing abilities. So astounded with the system they chose to bring it to Australia to assist as many children as possible through functional neuromotor activation technique. Believing in training & nourishing the body and having had personal experience with improved gut health they invited Kirsty to their clinic to share her knowledge and experience. Which I am so grateful for.

Kirsty from Kultered Wellness again had huge obstacles to overcome with her health as well as her sons health. Through years of research she has gained a deep understanding of the role of our gut in being able to experience true wellness.  “I’ve learnt first hand what we’ve always known – that all disease begins in the gut.” Kirsty


I hope that this blog can help you with a base level of understanding about gut health,  as I had learnt from Kirsty, as well as her simple recipe for Fermented Yogurt ( which is where I am going to start ! ) but I would encourage you to continue to learn as I will be.

We as a human race seem to have a rather toxic relationship with processed foods & preservatives not really realizing how detrimental to our health these “foods”are. We now reach for the quick and easy pre packaged “foods ” and inflammatory foods such as dairy and gluten to fill the void without much thought into nourishing.

Kirsty used this analogy which I thought was simple & great – If you put a frog into boiling water it will jump out immediately BUT if you put a frog in cold water and slowly add boiling water it will actually stay in the water until it boils to death – this is the relationship with “foods” we seem to now have, we consume them with out immediate effect and don’t realize over time the serious effects they are having our our bodies.

Gut Health is vital because it  has a direct relationship with your immune system and your brain function. If you have “bad gut health” meaning you have parasites over taking the good bacteria and your immune system is compromised you are more susceptible to not only illness and disease ( which harbor in Acidic bodies ) but a genetic mutation maybe triggered. Having a “leaky gut” can also mean you are not able to absorb nutrient rich foods.

Here are some signs that you may have poor gut health :

  • Chronic health problems such as IBS, allergies, intolerances, bloating, foggy brain, weight gain, rashes and skin issues, acne, eczema, fatty liver, insomnia and hormonal issues
  • Severe digestive disorders including parasites, Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis
  • Behavioral problems in children and adults
  • Autoimmune conditions

Any of these symptoms seem familiar ?? The body is a holistic puzzle, if the foundation is out of shape and bumpy it will simply not fit together  ( will not work together ).

So how do we get well ?? FOOD and Exercise – Yes you have heard it all before and maybe you think you do this already but I challenge you to write down EXACTLY what you eat every single day … including all the snacks !! You might be shocked to see what you actually eat. We are aiming here for all wholefoods. Making the shift to avoiding inflammatory & acidic foods is key. Certainly supplementing with pure, clean products where necessary.

Kirsty also believes in backing up that shift with fermented foods. Fermented foods carry a crazy HUGE amount of pre & probiotics ( good bacteria ) that help to increase the good microbes in our gut !! The idea of fermented food to me was definitely not appealing however we did on the night get to sample the yogurt that Kirsty had premade and I am going with that, delicious !! Here is the simple recipe. You can also purchase a pack of Kirsty’s cultures  …. one pack houses 44 billion ( CFU ) good bacteria which compared to a store bought pre or probiotic which is only an average of 3 million this fermented yogurt is incredible !!


Here are just a few of the additional hints Kirsty shared at her seminar.

  1. Water needs to be filtered of the chlorine. When you think about it Chlorine kills bugs so why would we want to drink that ?
  2. Making time for Vitamin D absorption. From the sun not via a supplement. Short 20 minute stints in the sunlight with out sunscreen on and outside the high UV times is the perfect exposure.
  3. Access nature – Good Bacteria and Microbes come from Ocean, Soil, Trees. Get your hands dirty !!

The fabulous thing is we have full control and can tip the balance… think beneficial feeding or nourishing your body first – avoiding processed foods and consuming fibre, protein, fruit & vege plus good fats.  Soon you too will be saying “I never knew how good my body could or should feel”



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