Fitness with kids !!

Aside from the obvious exhausting & physical days we can, as parents, experience with kids we STILL need to exercise.  We can feel like we have run a marathon by breakfast without even trying but the truth is we need more conscious exercise in our daily routine. The challenge of course is ” HOW THE HELL CAN I FIT ONE MORE THING IN!! ” . Here is the thing, YES it is one more thing to fit in but your health needs to be a priority. You can not look after someone else if you are unwell .. true ??


Here are my quick little hints & tips to help you include exercise in your daily routine:

  • Do you need bread & milk – Of course you do ( we always do ) instead of driving walk !! Pack up the kids into the pram or let them scooter ( burn some of that energy ). Get down to your local corner store by foot. Love this. Achieving two things at once !
  • Get outside daily – kids love to get outside every day. Join them. My boys love to race me around the house.  We also do some easy push ups, sit ups and planks together. All this in just 20 minutes. I get fit and they have fun with mum.
  • Hiking – We only recently discovered hiking with the boys ( my littlest guys just turned 4 ). So far they have loved it. Why not give it ago yourself. Nothing to crazy to start! Oh and when they start whinging at you and you have to carry them, put on your positive pants, use your kids as free weights.
  • Park PTs – LOVE how many personal trainers hold classes in the parks now !! Guess what, it is the perfect location for you to get fit and for the kids to have fun ( and usually join in ! ) . Don’t get disappointed if they take a while to settle into this routine they will get there and if not include them in your workout as your weights. Did you know many councils have free sessions ( short 4 week courses usually ) if you want to try it out first BUT if you really want to be committed to a weekly class ( or two ) go with a recommended local PT.


Lastly find a bunch of mums you can have good old healthy fun with. Stop meeting for coffee and cake and start walking and talking. Join charity walks and challenges. Have a good laugh and exercise all at the same time !!

m,iss muddy.jpg

Look after yourself mamas and make your health a priority. Cass xxx

#healthyisthenewhappy #feelwellforbodyconfidence

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