Great news !!! Chai is back !!

AS you may know this week I was DEVASTATED when my local barista announced to me that CHAI LATTE was full of sugar. Did I mentioned devastated ?? As you know Clint & I are currently healing & nourishing our bodies through a 30 day program. This means NO coffee and I love coffee. ( actually I have since realized I love the habit of coffee not really “the buzz” ) . Anyway we are doing it and I wanted to find a healthy alternative so chose Chai.

So what did I do immediately ?? Asked everyone I know what they thought then did my own research and this is my conclusion.

Chai tea originates from India. It is a flavored tea beverage made by brewing black tea with a mixture of aromatic Indian spices, and herbs. Traditionally as the description suggests you would use tea leaf and then add milk however ( as with sooooooo many things in our world now) this has been adapted for a quicker ( more unhealthy ) version that you often get in cafes. The Powder or Syrups that are used are am imitation and are super sweet !! In fact the Chai Latte served at Starbucks has 25 teaspoons of sugar !!

Chai 2.jpg

The good news is some cafes will make a Chai Latte using tea leaves ( winning ) with Almond milk ( hopefully unsweetened ).  With much relief I have now found two local to me and they are delicious ( grated not as sweet ) . I don’t ask for any sweetener however if you need it a teaspoon of honey would be a fabulous solution. PLUS I am heading to T2 now to brew my own at home. Happy days !! Cass xxx

September 2017 me

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