Sunscreen & Mozzie Spray at Kindy

What are your thoughts around sunscreen and mozzie spray at kindy ??

I just dropped my little man off and was having a conversation with another mum about sunscreen, vitamin D and mozzie spray ( because they are huge and absolutely everywhere at the moment !! ).
She asked me what I do and why. So here it is but I would be really keen to hear what you do too ……

I don’t apply any sunscreen to my boys in winter, I use clothing as a protective barrier only.

In the other months ( except summer ) in the morning before school and kindy ( and the morning play session at kindy ) I again don’t apply sunscreen. I feel they need a exposure to the sun ( in small doses outside high UV time ) for vitamin D ( which many Australians are deficient in ). At kindy I supply natural mineral sunscreen to be applied to my little guy in the afternoon play ( morning play is primarily shaded ).

Summer ( and certainly right now ) I apply natural mineral sunscreen to all before school and kindy as well as a natural mozzie spray using essential oils ( this works just as well as the chemical sprays and they don’t chock in the fumes ! ). I have a natural sunscreen at kindy for afternoon application as I don’t feel the bulk buy chemical sunscreens are worth the risk.

But that’s just me for the sake of sharing. I would love to know your thoughts. Cass xx



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