The Gut Movie

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This week I was lucky enough to attend the premier week of The Gut Movie as hosted by Kale Brock ( yes that is his real name 😉 ).

I am always keen to learn more about Gut Health as we know this to be the “second brain” and in fact it is just so important as research now shows that our gut not only effects our immune system but also our mood and neurological pathways ( something especially in children I am very keen to understand ). And so it should come as no shock that the premiers sold out and were packed !! It warms my heart to be honest that so many people care so much about learning more about their health and looking at traditional and alternative options side by side. You might be surprised to hear that there was a huge range of people in attendance from those with dreadlocks half way down their back to others dressed in suits and that is the beauty of health, it effects all of us from all walks of life.

So what about the movie …. I think Kale and his team did a brilliant job in bringing interest to the subject of Gut Health. Especially an interesting way to talk to people that are just diving into the concept and wanting to get started at the roots. The movie was informative with great interviews with leading scientists and surgeons in Australia and really great entertainment value.

The comparisons I found to be a little extreme but the message exactly on point. We need to care about our gut health and to learn more. Research continues to confirm the importance  of good gut flora. We, as a race, sadly continue to damage our health by way of chemicals, packaged foods and environment. But as always my motto is that we can not control everything but there are things in our life we can control and so we should, for our health and the health of our families.

There are many ways you can look after your gut health and one is by fermented foods. I look forward to inviting Kirsty Wurth from Kultured Wellness to Brisbane and hosting a Gut Health event. Please watch this space for dates and times in 2018.

Check out more from Kale here :

Cass xx

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