What the coffee ???

Coffee. Oh that sweet smell of a morning coffee. Something I can’t live without ….. or can I ???

That truely was the question before I started the 30 days challenge and to be fair my biggest hurdle.

Our 30 day challenge was really to cleanse and reset the body. Eliminating inflammatory foods like gluten, dairy and refined sugars. Also excluding coffee and alcohol all of which I was sure I could manage except for one – coffee.

We were support by clean nutrient dense supplements by Arbonne to make the transition simple and healthy. We found we were consuming plants over meat and animal by products and to be fair I think that make all the difference. Our bodies felt fuelled and strong and as such I actually did not “need” coffee. In fact I felt so much better without it. No bloating. Not feeling sluggish. Slept better and all round more energy which is ironic really because previously I thought I was getting all my energy from coffee. It turns out I don’t need it and all I needed to do was change the habit. I am delighted to do so as we know coffee is acidic in roasted form and disease and illness can only harbour in an acidic body ( more to come on that in a later blog post ).

So now I like the occasional coffee but I love more vege juice and that is really what I crave.

Cass xxx

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