Beauty Edits November

Here is what I am loving in November :

Beauty Edits November 2017 2.jpg

Moov Insect Repellent : Sadly Arbonne no longer makes my favorite Awaken Spray which I was using as a Mozzie repellent on my family for years. This products has been discontinued for now and I am hoping it will come back even bigger and better but in the meantime I was forced to find an alternative as the Mozzies are HUGE and EVERYWHERE right now. Moov was recommended to me at my local pharmacy ( they know I am all about more natural options and are always so helpful ! ) as it is DEET free. So far it has been great in stopping the boys from being bitten I am however still investigating the ingredients. Watch this spot.

I decided this month to take a break from foundation and to try out an alternative option. I decided to test out the Arbonne CC Cream which at first I was unsure of as I felt a little to shiny and it does not have a sunscreen component ( which is a MUST for me ) . After playing around a little I ended up using the ABC Zinc Suncreen under the CC Cream. It had a brilliant effect !! Made the CC Cream a little more matt ( not as shiny ), gave me the SPF protection I think every one needs. The CC Cream itself has brilliant coverage and made me look like I had a light foundation on but I could not actually feel it at all. Loved this combo.

Moogoo deodorant – as you know I am 100 % all about natural deodorants. Deodorants without Aluminum because it is totally unnecessary and there are sooooo many other brilliant alternatives on the market. It is however all about finding the one that works best for you. For me in the warmer months I have found Moogoo to be the best. Yes with natural deodorants you will still sweat a little but that is a natural bodily function that rids our bodies of toxins. So it is not about stopping that process but actually about eliminating the smell. Smell comes from bacteria. This deodorant also does not have a fragrance which again is actually a good thing as ( unless they are pure essential oils or naturally occurring ) most are chemical concoctions. Anyway this deodorant works and if you are looking to try our a natural alternative try Moogoo.

Lastly this month HARMONY blend has been getting a workout in our house !! The power of using essential oils to change your mood and your reactions is incredible. Harmony is what we need more of in our house right now !  Coming to the end of the year I have three little boys who are tried, agitated and fighting alot !! I have been diffusing this beautiful blend of oils from orange, lavender, rosemary, and ginger. This particular blend promotes a relaxing ambience to inspire an overall sense of well-being. I have also been using this essential oil as my perfume !! Divine.

Green Beauty Edits. Cass xx



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