Amazing things can happen when you give up gluten, meat, alcohol and processed sugar – Grace Mora – Food Matters TV

When I recently did a 30 days to Healthy living Challenge I did just that - gave up Gluten, Dairy, Most meat alcohol and processed sugars. People thought I was absolutely crazy but I did not care because I felt out of this world fantastic. Grace Mora from Food Matters TV did the same recently …


Vibrant Living – New Year . New You ?

Zest by Cassandra Trezise in conjunction with Arbonne Independent Consultants present Vibrant Living - New Year / New You ?? We are faced with choices each and every day. What to eat for breakfast, what to wear, what to send the kids to school with for lunch, which road to take to avoid traffic, should …

“In your bliss” – Oprah

  You know those moments in your life when you just feel at peace, a sense of ease, with joy, maybe realized / maybe not. Those are the moments when you are “in your bliss” and those moments ,once we recognize them, should be what we seek to do more of.  


Holiday Wellness Kit by nutritionist Rachel Aldridge

Often is the case that after the Christmas festivities and when we finally start to slow down many of us actually get sick !!! Nutritionist Rachel Aldridge has been kind enough to share with us all her tips on staying well and making the most out of the holidays / Christmas season. This time of …


Alkaline? Acid? What does that all mean when it comes to food??

All the cells (billions of them) that make up the human body are slightly alkaline, and must maintain alkalinity in order to function and remain healthy and alive. Any time a pH imbalance occurs and results in acidic blood that is out of this range, the blood becomes unable to deliver adequate oxygen and protect …


Food for a Happy & Calm Household

The Wellness Collective was born out of a desire to share knowledge around health & wellness but in bite-sized entertaining chucks that everyone could take and implement in their lives. We will be bringing together wellness ambassadors & professionals to share with you their stories & knowledge on a HUGE range of topics. Enjoy workshops, …