Nana bread

Thank you @suzearon for this gorgeous recipe !! We took it away for the long weekend and it was demolished 😋 . . . . 160 g coconut oil 2 mashed bananas 3 eggs 1 1/2 cups blanched almond meal 1/2 cup walnuts 2 tsp vanilla 1 tsp baking powder


Women’s march

“We rise by lifting others”. “Behind every women is a bunch of amazing women who always have her back” “we are better together”. All these quotes and so many more started coming up for me this morning with talk of the 2018 #womensmarch . What I know to be true and what I have experienced …

I was blissfully unaware

I used to be in a space of being blissfully unaware about what I was putting on my biggest organ - my skin. To be honest I had not given it much thought. I found all the information overwhelming and basically put it in the “too hard basket “ for many many years !! It …


Make these immediately !! You will thank me later x

Stop whatever you are doing because you are going to want to make these immediately !! The best bit is I bet you have everything you need all ready in the cupboard. This is the most satisfying healthy snack and perfect for everyone who said 2018 was their year for health !! You might want …


A Cancer Survivor, Mother, TV Host & Health Advocate

She's been through cancer, she's a mother, a TV host and now is on a mission to make the World a healthier place! To celebrate Sally's life and new recipe book, Food Matters TV sat down with her and asked her some of their favorite questions!  Here is my snapshot /  bite sized chucks of …


Today and every day from now

"Go out into the world and be BOLD. Share your ideas, ,spark wonder and enliven everyone around you. Say yes to new adventures and opportunities even if ( especially when ) they scare you. Don't be afraid of walking away from things that are not meant to be. Light your inner fire, find your passion, …