Supercharge your Gut by Lee Holmes

To say I was excited to hear Lee Holmes talk last night at Riverbend Books Bulimba would have to be an understatement !!


by the way this is me ( 38 ) and Lee ( 50 ) doesn’t she look freakin amazing !!!

I was focused !! I cooked dinner during the day among working, picked the boys up from school, took the boys to swimming lessons, got them home bathed & fed and I was ready and waiting eagerly at the door for my husband to arrive home from work and to take over. It is a juggling act but man I was planning on winning. As fate would have it I was running about 5 minutes late and knowing Bulimba is parking nightmare I did not like my chances of arriving before they started. FATE  however was on my side and presented the rock star spot right out the front !! WINNING. I arrived, composed myself and was ready.

Lee Holmes has long been someone I have admired and felt like I could relate to. Lee studied nutrition before taking a leap into the entertainment industry at ABC. It was high pressure and long hours. After 15 years in the music and television industries her career took a nose-dive when she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in 2006.

After spending 3 months in hospital on a cocktail of drugs including steroids, immune suppressants, antibiotics and pain killers, she decided there just has to be another way and wanted to use food as medicine.  To be able to heal her body and naturally boost her immune system at cellular level. After discovering many nutrient-rich foods and changing her diet, she successfully (under the approving and watchful eye of her doctor) recovered.

Lee now follows an anti-inflammatory diet and is feeling fantastic. She feels so passionate about spreading the knowledge and recipes she has gained over the years and has gone on to publish 7 hard copy books as well as numerous e book and online courses.


“Being a healthy foodie means creating and eating recipes which are delicious, most of my recipes are gluten, wheat, dairy, yeast and sugar-free which suit a multitude of people seeking out healthy ideas.” – Lee Holmes.


During my wellness journey I too have had the pleasure of experiencing what it feels like to finally have a WELL body, operating at its very best for daily life. Not just for living a life but for LOVING your life.

I know this blog is much much longer than what I normally offer but I have THREE “bite sized chunks” of information for you to take away and use on your wellness journey that Lee shared last night and that I feel you will find interesting and of course helpful.

  • GUT HEALTH – “Everything starts in your gut; your gut health affects how your body feels, how well your mind performs, and well everything. Whether you want to lose weight, have more energy, prevent disease or all of the above, mind your gut. It;s that simple”. Dr Vincent Pedre . Supercharged your gut was written as a 2 day a week maintenance plan for lifelong gut health.  Happy gut/ Happy life !
  • Pre & Probiotics – Imagine an amazonian rainforest with the rivers and the trees and if you think about the soil, colostrum is what you get when you are a baby and that is like the soil, then you have the trees which is the “probiotic” the good bacteria in your gut. You want to have a healthy balance – good and bad. So what feeds those probiotics are prebiotics. Did you know that probiotics in your gut only last 20 minutes so you have to feed them with the prebiotics. You can find great supplements but prebiotics are also found in fibre rich vege, sweet potato, asparagus, dandelion greens, those kinds of food are really great prebiotics.   Check out the recipe on page 207/208 – prebiotic tray back with tahini drizzle.
  • Should we be adding protein powders into our foods like smoothies ? ” I think it is really good to have a protein powder to stabilize your blood sugar levels. Stay away from whey protein as they can be quite inflammatory to the body. So hemp protein is my favorite at the moment but really the best is any plant based protein, like pea & rice. So I would add yes and I would use plant based protein only” Lee Holmes

To purchase Lee’s book – Supercharge your Gut visit – Riverbend books Bulimba or pop online.


Curious about gut health and want to learn more ?? Join us for our next Wellness Collective event featuring Carissa from JCN clinic.

Live Well.

Cass xx



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