Wellness Trends Event

It is simply a purely delightful experience to come into the most relaxing space at Inner Bliss Yoga Bulimba on a Sunday morning and to be treated to conversations, experiences and ideals around Wellness. 27783318_10215463466170910_163460710_n.jpg

This series of Wellness Events was born from a desire to bring together a community of like minded individuals to share ideas & knowledge. Natalie from Kindred Toxic Free Facials in Bulimba sees women everyday through her practice of self care and believes raw and honest conversation instead of huge high expectations around Wellness is the key to an enjoyable journey.

This event was held as a panel discussion with 6 gorgeous women in business in the wellness space. I loved that every individual on the panel brought a slightly different perspective and outlook. This different perspective & individual stories was the highlight for me. No one pretending to know everything but sharing openly their core beliefs.

As always I am not going to drown you in lengthy discussion and research but rather filter for you the highlighted “bite sized chunks” to help you on your wellness journey.


Q – What does Wellness mean to you ?

Natalie – Kindred Toxic free facials – After an incredibly difficult time managing work and supporting & caring for her very ill partner Natalie realized she needed to make changes and her wellness journey began. To Natalie wellness means eradicating toxins from your life. That including toxic relationships, toxic work and toxic products.

Rachel – Yes Joy – Wellness for Rachel is around food and fueling your body with plant based nutrient rich foods, taking the time and journey to work out what works best for you as an individual. No two people are the same ! Some ideas Rachel shared included looking at your relationship with food. Does it stem from the brain washing of the 90’s and introduction of the “low fat” foods ?? Are you scared to try something new ??


Leah – The Unmaterial girl – Believes wellness is her mindset. Staying healthy in your mind and understanding why you are doing something – is this good for me or my ego ? Leah also believes strongly in having a therapist “they are kind of like your own cheer leader” helping you navigate through your journey.

Erin – Clean Beauty Market – believes expectations can make us unwell. We don’t need to do “everything” everyone else is doing all at once. That can be overwhelming. Set your own goals and expectations.  When doing so ask yourself – is this important to me today ? Will it be important to me tomorrow ?

Kate – Brown’s general store in Paddington – When her some was born Kate went on the war path of going completely “toxic free” ( immediately ! )cleaners, products, food etc but it sent her totally crazy. With worrying about a toxic free life, working a high pressure job and juggling a family, including looking after her unwell husband,  she realized that wellness for her actually means her mindset and went about changing the high pressure life she was living so she had time to connect with herself and understand what was important to her.

Natalie – The Soak Society – believes wellness is about self – love. Realizing that saying YES to everything was simply not being kind to herself and would eventually drive her crazy. Instead she learnt how to say no every now and again and take time to stop and look after herself including in soaking in a nice warm bath and encourages everyone to do the same.


One discussion that actually scared me but equally fascinated me was lead by Leah – from The Unmaterial Girl and Kate – from Browns General store and that was around fast fashion. Something I have never actually taken time to learn more about and understand . These ladies have such incredible knowledge around fast fashion and the knock on environmental effect as well as the effects on humanity. As a huge fan of fashion I was admittedly overwhelmed but appreciated the knowledge and their opinion. This is something I hope to understand more.

This was a great first event and wonderful if you prefer story telling format. MY BIGGEST TAKEAWAY from this event and one that I am sure resonated with all in the room – “Start now, build better habits over time, one thing at a time”. I absolutely loved seeing the room full of people that care about their health and well being. A room that was open to learning.

Kindred will be holding their next event late April.

So my question to you is – Do you agree or disagree with these opinions on Wellness ?? What is Wellness to you ??

Live well. Cass xxx



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