A brilliant hack for fussy kids

I actually am one of those Mums who does not love being in the kitchen and cooking #truthbomb .  I would say that it is low low on my “preferred to be doing” list however I am very aware of the importance of “REAL FOOD” in our diets and so choose not to take the short cuts. This in its self can be very challenging however I have a few “go to” meals that I can make anytime and that the family will actually eat.

I have however found a fabulous little hack that I was trialing over the school holidays that I wanted to share with you and its called Hello Fresh. A company that delivers fresh measured ingredients to your door with recipes !! AND THEY ARE GOOD …..  ( because lets be honest no one wants to go to the grocery store with three little boys ! )

I decided at that point I would have my boys cook with me every night ( one at a time ). They hear me talk about food and nourishing your body, about sugar and about sometimes foods however I knew it was time to get them in the kitchen. To show them what exactly went into their meals ( no hiding the vege ! ) and hopefully to get them over time to take on more of an active role in the kitchen ( after all I am trying to raise good men ! ) .

Hello Fresh

The recipes have pictures of all the ingredients so the boys could go to the fridge, learn what everything was called and gather what was needed for dinner that night. On the other side the process. Not over complicated but entirely delicious ( yes I helped with the knives. ) . Hello Fresh have a focus on good healthy foods. I love that all the ingredients are measured out so you don’t have any waste ( makes me incredibly sad when I have to through food out ! ) . I loved that the boys were learning and when they served up what they had made to the rest of the family they were so incredibly proud. Everyone enjoyed the process and even my fussiest little man was open to what he had made ! #thatsawin

The only downside I would say is that Hello Fresh is not organic ( although they do source locally ) and I would much prefer they use Brown rice and pasta BUT hey it was a brilliant experience and one that we will continue to do. Let me know if you try it out !!


Live Well. Cass xx





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