The most powerful tool a parent can have …

Sometimes you just don’t know what you don’t know !

Tuesday night I invited Sarah from Baked Livingness to workshop a few recipes for lunchboxes. The idea to host this event came about because I am a firm believer that if you are going to give information to help people change their lives then you also need to give practical advice & direction to make the transition easy. Otherwise it will simply not happen and tends to go into the “too hard” basket.

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Here is the back ground : A few weeks ago I hosted Louise D’Allura at one of our monthly events to talk all things additives. I first met Louise at my son’s Kindy in 2014 and was so captivated by what she had to say. The title of the event being “food for a happy & calm household”.  Louise has incredible knowledge around this subject and delivers it in a fabulously entertaining way !! The thing is we know for a fact that many preservatives, additives, colours and flavours effect us and especially our children ( smaller bodies more impact ! )  in a terrible way. Think hyperactivity, behavioral disorders, migraines, asthma,  diabetes just to name a few. Change simply needs to happen but is not always easy. Packaged food is simple, quick, has “great” claims, tastes good and pulls all of us in but packaged food is where all the dangers lie.

BL 13.jpg

I know when I was a kid and in school ( lets say 25 years ago now ) we have very little in the way of packaged foods. It was simply a sandwich, a piece of fruit,  maybe a home made piece of cake and vegetable sticks. Simple. But the years have gone by and our rate of consumption has multiplied and seemingly without us really noticing. When we are faced with this type of information we have no choice, I feel for the greater good of our children, but to at least stop and listen. Which I did but if you are anything like me the thought of totally clearing out my cupboard and making everything from SCRATCH was way to overwhelming. It felt like a rug had been pulled out of me. So I decided to just start. Start by changing just one thing a week. Starting with the most consumed in my home and at that time it was peanut butter , I found an alternative without all the numbers and YES my children ate it !! Winning. Next step was to learn a few healthy, quick, edible staples that I could make from SCRATCH with the little time I had.

As the weeks went on and I started observing the changes I felt a great sense of accomplishment. I also started to observe my children’s behavior and noticed the changes very clearly when fed different “foods”. A powerful tool to have as a parent !!!

Anyway lets go back to the lunchbox hacks event. Those staples were and still are a huge part of our diet ( we do mix it up now ) and so I wanted to offer the same to our guests. Sarah worked 3 amazingly simple, quick and effective recipes – 2 of which I have already tried and served to my children which they loved !! Here they are for you to …….

Baked Livingness recipes.jpg

So my advice to  you from a parent to a parent …. food is important what we put into their little bodies effect them more than we probably realize. Take a step towards whole foods, making things from scratch ( like they did in the old days ! ) and if that seems just a bit too much for you right now start with your packaged foods and find alternatives that don’t include these numbers.

additiv v e

Live well. Cass xx



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